【CSF News】CSF signed Strategic Cooperation Memorandums with APSA


In order to promote comprehensive communications between Chinese securitization industry and international securitization industry, Mr. Borong Liu, the Chairman of China Securitization Forum ("the Forum" or "CSF") Executive Committee and the Secretary-general of CSF, represented CSF to sign strategic cooperation memorandums with Asia-Pacific Structured Finance Association Limited (“APSA”).


The Asia-Pacific Structured Finance Association Limited was formed in 2006 to promote the efficient growth and continued development of structured finance throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and to advocate the interests and serve the needs of the structured finance industry. Its members comprise both individual and corporate participants. APSA serves as an independent platform for education, promotion, networking and communication among participants, regulators, investors and academics of the structured finance and securitization industry.


CSF agrees with APSA on the memorandum that each Party will cooperate in the following regions:


  • In order to promote cooperation between Chinese and Asia-Pacific region's securitization and structured finance markets, each Party agrees to support the each other’s conferences and will help each other publicize, and recommend to their interested members participation in, the same.


  • CSF will organize CSF members to attend overseas training and communications related to asset securitization and structured financing in Asia-Pacific region. APSA agrees to recommend to CSF relevant lecturers and companies for such visits. In addition, APSA will recommend its members to attend related communication activities.


  • As a bridge for exchange of information and viewpoints between Chinese and overseas securitization markets, the strategic cooperative partnership between CSF and APSA will strengthen communication between and among their members and constituents, as well as lawmakers and regulatory and policy-making authorities, in order to reflect membership’s viewpoints, and will promote the sound, orderly development of Chinese and international securitization markets. Each Party will seek to organize in-depth discussions with lawmakers and regulatory authorities about investor education, market consensus, market building and other issues of concern, and will undertake research tasks pertaining to the Chinese and Asia-Pacific region’s markets appropriate to their respective spheres of expertise which are supported by a consensus of the Parties, lawmakers and regulatory authorities.
  • Each Party will work to promote cooperation and communication between constituents in Chinese and overseas markets. Each Party will seek to assist Chinese market constituents to learn and benefit from the experiences of overseas securitization markets,  to transform the oretical concepts into practical actions, to provide overseas markets with opportunities to understand the latest policy and regulatory initiatives and trends affecting the securitization and structured finance markets in China, and to promote strategic collaboration regarding reciprocity and mutual benefit.
  • In accordance with the common mission to “Educate, Advocateand Build Consensus”, each Party will seek to provide educational opportunities to members, law-making and regulatory bodies and other interested parties regarding securitization, structured finance and related capital markets; build the broadest possible consensus among members regarding legal, regulatory, policy and other matters and affairs affecting or potentially affecting the securitization, structured finance and related capital markets in China and internationally; and advocate for beneficial outcomes to such matters and affairs.



Signing this strategic cooperation memorandum will further promote the comprehensively and deeply cooperation between CSF and APSA and the implementation of CSF's internationalization strategy. As an industrial association with global vision, CSF is devoted to promoting communication and cooperation among different securitization markets around the world. At the 2015 CSF Annual Conference held in March this year, CSF established a cooperative partnership with the Structured Finance Industry Group ("SFIG") and signed a Consensus Statement and a Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Mr. Richard Johns, the Executive Director of SIFG, is the Overseas Advisor of CSF and the Advisory Board Member of 2016 Annual Conference of CSF, which created the precedent that the leader from the international securitization industry association could be the Overseas Advisor of CSF and the Advisory Board Member of the Annual Conference of CSF. On October 15, 2015, Mr.Borong Liu represented CSF in attending the ASIFMA Structured Finance Conference2015 in Hong Kong, and signed strategic cooperation memorandums with the Association for Financial Markets in Europe ("AFME") and Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association ("ASIFMA"). Also, Mr. Borong Liu represented CSF to sign strategic cooperation memorandums with Australian Securitisation Forum,Inc. ("ASF") in the Australian Securitisation 2015 in Sydney on December1, 2015.


CSF will host its 2016 Annual Conference of the China Securitization Forum on April 7-9, 2016 at the China National Convention Center. At that time, SFIG, AFME, ASIFMA, ASF, APSA and other international industrial organizations' experts will attend this Forum to introduce leading experiences of overseas securitization markets to Chinese market. For more information about 2016 Annual Conference, please refer to the Annual Conference's official website: http://www.securitization.com.cn.


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[3] ASIFMA's official website: 


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[5] APSA’s official website: 



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  • The Board of Directors, Standing Committees and Member Committees are being formed now. In accordance with the varying interests registered by institutional CSF members and following consultation with the CSF Nominating Committee - different institutional members' representatives will be admitted into different election panels to elect Rotating Directors of the CSF Board of Directors and chairs of Member Committees. The nomination deadline is January 31, 2016.


  • CSF will host its 2016 Annual Conference of the China Securitization Forum on April 7-9, 2016 at the China National Convention Center. More than 3000 people will attend, you can visit the Annual Conference website: www.securitization.com.cn .


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